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Forwarded from Trading-revealed comments (English)
GBPNZD target hit, 400 pips, nothing to add.
The trap pattern was perfect. Do you still think the price is random?
To celebrate the new version, we are now offering a 100€ discount for the DAX Midday-Trend Algo for ProRealTime until November the 10th. It's here:
Being short on GBPNZD daily doesn't mean we can't scalp Long at shorter timeframe level
USDCHF : on chart explanations from a Buying scalp I took a few minutes ago. Daily chart analysis + M5 entry
Nice smart money move yesterday on EURUSD, sellers KO
DAX Midday-Trend Algo: October 2021 results +65points – Trading revealed
Dax final sellers trap from Oct the 29th 2021 – Trading revealed
GBPNZD final scalp from higher timeframe analysis already posted 🥳
Second target zone hit, the magic happened again. 10 months to induce buyers, 20 days to take their liquidity.
While the medias are trying to justify the big moves from today using a new covid variant or a low black Friday volatility, I entered the moves in advance at the beginning of the week.
My advice for you guys is: focus on learning market structure and liquidity zones, don't trust the medias.
Always keep in mind that your main job in trading is risk management and cutting the losses quickly.
Remember that a 50% loss from an account means you need to make a 100% gain to recover.