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sellers trap in progress but algos are a bit drunk today 😂
Down trend line broken on the Dax, we still have some liquidity to the up side and we have Powell speach in 30 minutes. Be careful, fridays are often crazy days.
Sellers trap over, it happened again! 😀
I have just found out that Telegram had a commenting feature, sorry. I activated it, and am sending this first test to see if it works.
And let's make this test useful, could you comment on how long you've been trading and which market mainly? Dax? US Indices? Forex? Crypto? Something else ?
Dax inducing sellers and could make a usual final move before the reversal
I can't be right to the tick every time, that's trading. I didn't go as low as I expected but still we had the up move following sellers trap
Dax big but still standard buyer trap this morning. Always the same stuff.
What can we see on the Daily candles? This morning was a 16000 retest.
Remember the wicks I noticed a few days ago? If we go down this week, we could take the liquidity below these wicks
While trendline traps in both direction have been working like a charm recently on the Dax indice, remember the market structure and cycles are important. When a market is highly rising, buyers traps have less probability to occur, but sellers traps can still be very profitable.

Here is an exemple from the S&P 500 latest 4 days. Buying the first M5 candle close that breaks the down trend lines was not very hard and the R:R ratio can be amazing.
Break of the trendline, but I took my sells profit earlier on this one because they may kick out early buyers from London open and go back up. There are too much upper wicks on M5 candles, it doesn't look like yesterday.
Yes, they did it again, they don't care 😄
Note the difference between yesterday's down move and today's down move. Today's move gives much more time to sellers...
Also remember the sexy up trend line from Daily I talked about yesterday, we are approching it.
Looks like the daily trend line is ready to be broken, these higher low wicks are not random
A quick Dax intraday analysis
Hi all,
Both liquidity zone from my yesterday's analysis have been hit.
Now I hope you are not surprised by this violent down move on the Dax. I told you the daily trendline was ready to be broken and why.
How to scalp a risky buy retracement in this down move ? The M5+ charts didn't give us any clues, all was red.
But look at this 100 ticks chart and see the usual magic.
Hi all, I was off trading this week and will be off next week too.
I may start recording educational videos when I'll be back, stay tuned you will love what's coming next 🙂