Read price manipulations: another DAX example

Instrument : DAX CFD

Date : 12.07.2021 16h35 (UTC+2)

As I know a lot of you enjoyed my previous example to read the price like a market maker, here is another one from today.
When you read the whole story behind the charts using price manipulation, you can guess the next move with a high probability.

Let me explain a bit more my sentence in blue from the chart. Why is it obvious that a bullish move was coming?

  1. Buyers from london open have been stopped out quickly => usually when market makers want to move the price in one direction, they don’t want you to win money being in the right side.
  2. Afert that, they took their time to induce some sellers and eventually stop the late buyers => remember that the big players need liquidity from sellers to buy from someone
  3. the double bottom around 12h10 doesn’t break previous low which could indicate a interesting buying zone from big players
  4. And finally, when you see that the price breaks the micro down trend line trapping sellers, this is where you have your final confirmation that the price could go up.

I hope you will learn something.

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