Cumulative Volume Delta indicator for Ninjatrader

Tired of looking at a price chart that print the result of buyers vs sellers activity after the fact? Do you want to have a real edge in trading by seing what is happening in buy/sell market orders before the price moves?

Check this cumulative delta indicator!

How does it work?

It display a candle representing the difference between buyers and sellers volume (market executed orders on the bid and ask). That’s why it’s called “volume delta“.

The indicator will reset the delta to 0 at every new day, and then all the next candles will be cumulative. It means that every new candle from the indicator will open where the previous candle closed (like a standard candle price chart). This allows us to easily analyze what the volume delta chart is doing in relation to the price chart. You can check some analysis examples here:

Download link

Click on the download button to download the Cumulative Volume Delta indicator for Ninjatrader 8 for FREE.

Important install note

After the indicator importation in Ninjatrader 8, and before attaching the indicator to a chart, ensure that your chart is in Tick Replay mode. The cumulative Volume Delta needs it to calculate and sum up all the market orders coming on the bid and ask in real time. It won’t work properly without Tick Replay.

To activate this mode, right click on your chart and select “Data Series” configuration menu, and then check the “Tick Replay” box. Apply this configuration and now you can add the indicator to your chart.

PRO version coming soon

A PRO version with additional features like others ways to display the candles and an automatic divergence detection is coming soon. You can subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive all updates in real time.


  1. Please add parameters to select the minimum and maximum number of contracts for each transaction. This provides an idea of how different size traders are acting, for example executions of more than 20 contracts in the ES are likely commercial traders. Also make the indicator readable by the Ninja Strategy Builder and BloodHound. MZpack provides this, but there indicator is not exposed for BloodHound.

  2. Hello

    Have you published the PRO version for automatic detection of delta divergence. I am highly interested

    Best regards,

    • Hi Geoffrey,
      The pro version is not released it, it’s in my todo list. If you are in the Telegram channel, you will be notified as soon as it’s released.

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