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ℹ️ for the vwap bands pro v1 indicator license owners, you can upgrade your indicator to the v2 for free. If you didn't receive my email on August the 10th for the v2 upgrade process, please contact me at
CL major H4 trendline broken down. We could see a drop up to a liquidity zone around 86.00, but a first reasonable target is the Monthly VWAP
This VWAP bounce with sellers absorption... 😍
Easy long on CL, Weekly VWAP acting as a support + daily bounce from VWAP-2 that I closed at VWAP
And for those who are not scalping, the same kind of analysis can be applied in higher timeframe. Example: ES reversed up this week, you could have predicted this by looking at the yearly VWAP
I was waiting for CL to hit 83.00 yearly VWAP+1 level for a scalp, easy one with the sellers absportion confirmation on footprint chart
Gold today's vwap and vwap-1 levels 🤩
NQ : if price drops below the current vwap, we could expect a high probability move down to yesterday's vwap
It's like I gave you the cheat code today, I hope it has been useful to you.
I followed the plan on my side
Once again...
I've recorded my NY open session, I will post a video later on
I will show you something very important, there is a way to predict the future direction during the range by looking at the candles.
Look at the wicks and you guess if they are trapping buyers or sellers