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While the medias are trying to justify the big moves from today using a new covid variant or a low black Friday volatility, I entered the moves in advance at the beginning of the week.
My advice for you guys is: focus on learning market structure and liquidity zones, don't trust the medias.
Always keep in mind that your main job in trading is risk management and cutting the losses quickly.
Remember that a 50% loss from an account means you need to make a 100% gain to recover.
Do you remember the perfect selling call from GBPNZD daily (it is here ?
You have the history, now let's see the present and why I sold GBPNZD this morning.
Do I really need to explain why I'm in the sells using M15?
As AUD looked very weak this morning, you had some easy moves, a buy on EURAUD and a sell on AUDUSD, targetting some obvious liquidity zones.
DAX Midday-Trend Algo: 2021 yearly results +1176 points – Trading revealed
Candy day for the lucky dax midday-trend Algo owners
Candy day for the lucky dax midday-trend Algo owners
Hi all, I hope everyone had fun trading these high volatility days 💪
I'll post an article later today to explain the short position I took on the Dax on Friday + why this big 170 points candle at today's open was not a surprise for me.
Usual bull trap in play on the Dax, currently building my sell position...
Approaching my 14300 target, let's go!
14300 Target 🎯 filled with a bit of patience 💪