DAX clean sellers trap explained

30 July 2021 damien 1

Today I will explain a beautiful sellers trap from the DAX indice that I used to make my day in less than 30 minutes.
It was a “horizontal support broken becoming resistance” trap.

How I saved my day with liquidity pools

28 July 2021 damien 0

I will take the opportunity of a trade I took yesterday from the DAX cfd to explain some trading concepts that could be useful to you: the liquidity pools that are attracting the algorithms over and over again.

Cumulative Volume Delta indicator for Ninjatrader

18 June 2021 damien 0

Tired of looking at a price chart that print the result of buyers vs sellers activity after the fact? Do you want to have a real edge in trading by seing what is happening in buy/sell market orders before the price moves?
Check this cumulative delta indicator!