NQ long trade prepared before NY open

12 September 2023 damien 0

I have been ready for a long trade at new york open because I prepared it and was waiting for it. Let me explain you my thought process behind it from the high timeframes analysis to lower timeframes.

I have sold NZDUSD, why?

29 November 2021 damien 0

Instrument: NZDUSDDate: 11.29.2021 I have sold NZDUSD since november the 8th for a long term trade using market structure analysis.Here is why. 1. Weekly chart […]

Dow jones trapped sellers

7 October 2021 damien 0

Instrument: Dow JonesDate: 10.07.2021 1. Wedge sellers trap I took a pretty nice buy yesterday (october the 6th 2021) using a seller trap. Here is […]