Ticks counter indicator for Ninjatrader

The remaining ticks counter for Ninjatrader 8 is useful to display the remaining ticks from a candle when you are using a “Tick chart”. This feature isn’t native in Ninjatrader, there is a system indicator available but you can display the number of ticks in a chart corner only.

With this indicator, you can display the remaining tick from the latest candle near the candle.

Click on the download button to download the Tick counter indicator for Ninjatrader

Parameters description

DisplayXPositionOffsetThe horizontal display offset relative to the latest candle (candle 0)
DisplayYPositionThe vertical position, you can choose between displaying the number of ticks at candle open level (static) or candle close (it will move with candle close)
Count downTo display remaining ticks when enabled, or consumed ticks when disabled
Show percentTo show the ticks counter in percent

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