VWAP Pro indicator: new anchored feature

A new feature is now available in the VWAP Pro indicator for Ninjatrader: anchored VWAP.
You can now start the VWAP calculation from any date you want. With this feature, you could calculate the vwap on several days, start the calculation with a trading session, have the same VWAP values on different timeframe (because it’s always calcuated starting from the same date), and so on.

1. Previous VWAP indicator behavior

Previously the VWAP indicator did reset its calculation/lines at every new day, below is an example:

2. New feature

Now you still have the previous feature (reset at every new day) by default. But you have another new feature that you can activate by checking the “Enable Anchored VWAP” in the indicator settings window.
You will have to set an “Anchored VWAP starting date” too. It will be the date used to start the vwap (+ bands) calculation.

In this example, I chose to start the vwap calculation at Frankfurt open session from my current day:

This feature is available the VWAP indicator PRO version: more info and purchase details at VWAP bands indicator for Ninjatrader.

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