VWAP Bands Pro indicator 2.1 released

A new version for the VWAP Bands Pro indicator is now released.

Changelog for this version 2.1:

  • The quarterly VWAP has been added.
  • A new bands calculation has been added: vwap price percentage
  • Fixed the bug where anchorDate hidden when using bands calculation AverageTrueRange
  • Fixed the bug where the vwap values had some ticks difference with the Orderflow VWAP indicator from NT8. Now the vwap and bands values are exactly the same than Ninjatrader’s indicator from the orderflow suite.
  • Added a new input parameter “Color bands area for current period only” :
    • If it is checked: the bands area will be colorized for the current period only (ie current day if you are using a daily vwap, current week for weekly vwap and so on)
    • If it is unchecked: the bands area will be colorized on your whole chart data

Below are some screenshots to illustrate these changes:

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