DAX Midday-Trend Algo: 2021 yearly results +1176 points

I reported the DAX Midday-Trend algo results every month from august to october for the commercial launch. Now I would like to report it every 3 months because this algorithm is really designed for long term investing and as such reporting the results on a monthly basis doesn’t make a lot of sense.

That’s the reason why I didn’t post november and december results yet, but now let’s have a look at these months and the whole 2021 results.

1. November and December 2021 results

November has been slightly negative with -28 points and December killed it with +202 points!

That was a nice christmas present to end the year, but as you will see in the yearly results, positive months > 200 points are quite common for the Dax Midday-trend algo.

2. 2021 year results: +1176 points

This 2021 year has been net positive with +1176 points.

Note : For those who are not familiar with the “points” notation, it means that you would have made 1176 euros trading 1 contract fixed on the Dax 1€ instrument. If you are were trading 2 contracts, you would have made 1176*2 = 2352 euros, and so on. The only limit to this is your starting capital and your accepted risk per trade.

We started the year until end of october with the version 1 that made +1003 point of profits :

And then we switched to version 2 that made +173 points of profits

Like the 8 previous years, 2021 was a winning year for the automatic algorithm and that’s amazing 🙂

3. Did version 2 really improved the results live?

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words (v1 results on the top, and v2 below it)

While the v2 won +173 points in november+december, the v1 won +41 points only.


The DAX Midday algorithm worked as expected this year, and the v2 really improved the results.
I will continue to monitor it closely and am testing some new improvements for the future release + I plan to release a Metatrader 4 version that should be included for the same price, you would then have the choice the run the algo on your preferred platform.

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